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About the Author
G.M. Weger G.M. Weger lives with her family in Salinas, California, where she works as an editor for the Department of Defense. Before and during her college years, she held a variety of jobs, including (but not limited to) being a cook, bus girl, bouncer, baker, plastic bottle maker, managing a military mail-order business in Hawaii, cleaning houses, working in a garment factory, and taking care of reptiles in the biology department of a junior college. After receiving an associate's degree in the administration of justice, she trained to be a fish and game warden and worked for California State Parks for many years while earning her bachelor's and master's degrees. In 1996, she moved to the Central Coast of California on former Army base Fort Ord and began driving around the haunted, empty place during lunch hours. The inspiration for East Garrison began during one of these treks when she saw the strange juxtaposition of wildlife and deserted Army buildings and discovered the pioneer Whitcher cemetery. Since then, numerous housing developments have popped up, destroying habitat and food supply for many animals. This new construction pushed predators into residential areas that border the wild lands. Reports of mountain lion sightings on Fort Ord and attacks in other California parks encouraged her muse, and she wrote East Garrison. As she was writing the novel she found her true love—researching the history of Fort Ord prior to the Army. Her next novel will uncover the real story of the Whitchers.

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